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Welcome to Mizura.


Mizura is an extensible Java framework that provides a universal approach to synchronize technical and managerial verticals in software projects.

Based in concept of the connectors, multiple repositories (like Atlassian Jira, Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect, Excel/Google Spreadsheets, Bugzillla, VersionOne, Mantis, CSV files and so) can be synchronized in both ways with many configuration capabilities.

The primarly goal of the Mizura is a seamless integration between Atlassian Jira and Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect (widely used tools in software development scenarios), keeping synchronized project tasks and the equivalent UML artifacts, like use usecases, requirements, activities and so. The default Mizura implementation should offer connectors for JIRA, EA, CSV, XML, Excel and databases tables.

In near future, a special MDA module should provides OSWorkflow support, enabling a visual definition of worfklows for Atlassian Jira environments using the famous Enterprise Architect CASE with SPEM module and Eclipse EPF.